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Learn robotics online: Complete robotics guide (from beginners to experts)

Tutorial for robot freaks: (Learn robotics online)
Robotics , Robotics and Robotics! Wow this is one common request we get from all most every reader of our blog. 4 out of 10 engineering students are found to be interested in this subject dealing with robots. Engineering students from all the majors including non electronics and non computer science too! This subject make wonder due to various reasons but the main reason might be the direct out come, the robots themselves! This robots seems to impress everyone right from a school going kid to a great PHD holder! May be we are feeling this love because of the dramas and movies we've seen in the past. Okay fine, What ever might be the background of this craze. We have tried to make a collection of good tutorials and materials for those crazy robot freaks. This is not he complete collection of the available materials, this will be constantly updated.

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robotics online tutorials
1. What is a Robot? 
According to the Robot Institute of America (1979) a robot is:
"A reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks".
A more inspiring definition can be found in Webster. According to Webster a robot is:
"An automatic device that performs functions normally ascribed to humans or a machine in the form of a human."

2. Robotics history?

3. How to : learn robotics? (THEORY)

4. How to : learn Robotics? (VIDEO TUTORIALS) (click on the youtube link, below every lecture for easy viewing)

5. How to construct my first Robot?  (Beginners Guide)

6. How to program a robot? (Programming guide)

7. How to construct a robot? (intermediate) 

8. Cheap robot ideas?

9. Good Robotics project ideas and paper presentation?

10. Hobby project ideas?
Instructables is one awesome site for all kinds of hobby projects. They also frequently update projects on robotics. Try this link if you want to try new and trending projects.

11. Book recommendations? 
These some good books recommended by us, for the beginners. You can search these books on the google books and amazon, to know more about the books. 
  • Robot Builder's Bonanza, Third Edition
  • Robot Building for Beginners
  • Build a Remote-Controlled Robot 
  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots
  • Robots, Androids, and Animatrons : 12 Incredible Projects You Can Build
  • Robotics Demystified
  • Robot Building For Dummies

12. Updates on the robotics study?

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