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How to use Facebook in a secure way? Tips and tricks for everyone

How to use facebook in a secured way  protecting from spam messages?!

Spam is the unsolicited message sent randomly to the users through the electronic message
also with broadcast media and digital library. Most widely used medium is electronic message spam the other similar terms used to represent this type of spam  is usenet newsgroup, wiki spam, blog spam etc.
This email spam abusive  practice is been mostly used by the spammers recent  days. The ultimate aim of the spammers is making advertisement to reach as many number of users because with less cost their expectation is met. This practice that too in social networking site like  facebook scares the user seeing the spam message.  The statistic says in 2011 there are seven trillion  spam message is spread in this short period of time. The facebook team is still under  research to provide the efficient spam blocking tool  but the spammers are a step ahead in continue sending spam message to the users.
But every time the spammers are not smart enough, there are things to prevent  their abusive action on our page. Be aware of the short links which sent by the person who is not an

active user in facebook and before agreeing install any app try to do research on it. User must be careful in  what apps authorize to post  on wall. some other technique to block the spam message to be sent to users friend list. In facebook privacy settings page click the  Apps and Websites, this will list all the Apps that was recently accessed. The user must select the suspected App and remove that from the account also delete message which is posted by the app on behalf of user to spread among the friends account. 

The facebook team have provided the option to filter all the spam messages from the spammers but at times some of the non abusive spam messages are blocked by this filter. How ever the abusive spam have no path to enter into the users page. The other agreed option is not allowing the users to post the link on their wall, this is very much preferred option to stay way from the spam messges. Also the suspected link, app can be reported to the facebook team so that they investigate to find the head.

The other common technique used to send spam messages is by making the users to click on them to agree without their knowledge. This is made possible by hiding the accept button by placing other common play button in a player or view button at the bottom of the picture, that whole content will be a fake one which attract the users to ‘just a click’ on  that icon to receive all spam app to activate. This technique is called as “clickjacking” also called “likejacking

To prevent this likejacking there are few tools available to filter and protect user from the abusive spam. The   Zscalar has developed a tool which reveals the hidden click to the user so that the user is notified about the spam. Now the user can go ahead to block and  report this to facebook team as well.

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