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Humanoid Robots : Paper presentations

Title: Humanoid Robots (Human arm robot).
Departments: Computer science, Robotics, Electronics and communication, mechanical.
Can be used for: Paper presentation events, Research purpose, engineering projects.

Humanoids are robots. which perform the function that are assigned like a computer but still look and resemble a human in the looks and structure. This humanoids technology is one of the most welcomed and funded department in the research and development field. This is also called as the anthropomorphic robots. Most of these types of robots are made to work in the human environment as a substitute for them. As these machines are designed in the human form, they'll be more natural to adopt in our daily life than other robots Not all humanoids will have the entire human anatomy humanoids will most be constructed like a human arm shaped robot, leg shaped, body above the waist and more.

This link will be helpful for the young beginners to understand the working of humanoids:

Sample of this paper presentation
A humanoid forearm and hand configuration has a hand conformation such as to be capable of mimicking substantially all of the movements of the human hand, the several component parts of the hand and the wrist-simulating joint coupling the hand to the radius-seeking joint of the forearm being angularly movable with respect to one another each by separate tendon means connected to respective ones of a large number of tightly packed space-seeking jostling air muscles clustered around a radius-simulating shaft.

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