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Robotics : BE/ project and paper presentations

Title: Robotics targeting system.
Department: Electronics and communication, instrumentation, mechanical, robotics.
Can be used for: Paper presentations, Final year projects (If you have previous experience in robotics) 

Robotics is one fast growing technology on the earth because man wants a work substitute in every possible field while he wants to sit back and enjoy the life. This needs and imagination of man goes wild at times. One such ideas, gave birth to the technology called "Robotics". This study of robotics fascinates every young kid and even science graduates! This is may be because of the hype the movies and dramas created. But, nowadays every imagination of human is getting life through science. "Nothing is impossible!" So as the robotics is developing the application of the robots and enhancement of the basic features is booming. Every fields wants robots to work for them for various reasons like, accuracy, simplicity, work risk and more. So one such application is, Robot targeting systems. 

This paper presentation is about "Robot targeting system". The the base of this paper presentation is the subject of robotics! the paper is a research paper which it patent of the US government. Students can use this for the research and presentation purposes. Trying an project on this topic is highly encouraged. But, if you are new to robotics don't pick this topic for the first try!

Sample of this robotics ppt : In a storage system for storing a plurality of objects in an array of object storage locations and having a robotic arm with a line scan camera attached thereto, apparatus for calibrating a position of said robotic arm with respect to a given one of said objects stored in said system to enable said robotic arm to retrieve said given one of said objects, said apparatus comprising: means for displaying on said array of object storage locations in a predetermined position thereon an "N"-shaped target having a first stripe, a second 2Q stripe parallel to said first stripe, and a middle stripe positioned diagonally between said first stripe and said second stripe, said first, middle and second stripes being aligned in a horizontal direction; means for scanning said target with a single scan of said line scan camera in a direction form said first stripe to said second stripe to produce a scanned image of said target; and means for determining a vertical position of said robotic arm with respect to said given one of said objects by analyzing said scanned image

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