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BE / Btech projects on Robotics / Robotics paper presentation

Titile : Surgical robot and robotic controller.
Departments: Robotics, Electronics, Bio-medical, Bio-instrumentation.
Robotic surgery, this is a term that is developed as an application of the robots in today's world. We all know robotics is one of the subjects that has been widely accepted and researched across the world. The application of these robots is increasing day by day. Health and medicine has always welcomed new innovations to sever their needs too. We all know that robots and computers are used in many fields to improve the accuracy and reduce the human errors. In health context, every surgery has to be preformed with the most care and accuracy. So these Robotic surgery was been introduced!  

This is also called as computer-assisted surgery or robotic-assisted surgery. Because the human doctors perform the major operations with the help of the robot hands. There are two ways to do these surgeries: Direct tele-manipulator or by computer control.

Sample of this robotics paper presentations : The present invention was developed by a neurosurgeon and seeks to mimic the results of primate neurological research which is indicative of a human's actual neurological control structures and logic. Specifically, the motor proprioceptive and tactile neurophysiology functioning of the surgeon's hands and internal hand control system from the muscular level through the intrafusal fiber system of the neural network is considered in creating the robot and method of operation of the present invention. Therefore, the surgery is not slowed down as in the art, because the surgeon is in conscious and subconscious natural agreement and harmonization with the robotically actuated surgical instruments based on neurological mimicking of the surgeon's behavior with the functioning of the robot. Therefore, the robot can enhance the surgeon's humanly limited senses while not introducing disruptive variables to the surgeon's naturally occurring operation of his neurophysiology. This is therefore also a new field, neurophysiological symbiotic robotic.

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