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What is cloud computing ?

Cloud computing: new gateway
Cloud computing is going to be one of the best techniques that an enterprise could use in the future. It is a way of providing up gradation to your computer not as a product but as a service. This technique may be used by anyone no matter if it is for your pc or for your business.

In this technique a user need not know the physical location and configuration of the system that is providing him services like, data access, storage services, softwares etc. The concept of cloud computing satisfies the perpetual need of  IT companies  because it doesn’t need any investigations of new things that are developed, licensing of new softwares, training people for those s/w etc but we can simply add on the new features and provide additional capabilities.

The usage of cloud computing on business will be advantageous. All the business applications are moving into the cloud since there shift of traditional softwares into the internet in the recent years. Making use of cloud computing we can collaborate anywhere in the world through mobile services.
Any traditional business applications (softwares) are usually complicated as well as costly moreover they would require a team of experts to install, configure, test, run etc, which makes the process of using these softwares very difficult. Cloud computing eliminates these constrains because we are not managing any hardware or software, which is been taken care by some experienced vendor.

 In cloud computing the entire infrastructure is shared by all, Hence it works like a utility we have to pay only for those we need and all the upgrades are automatic. In this technique the process of using the app is also very easy we have to just open a browser, log in customize the app then we can start using it.
Now most of the companies are running their apps in cloud, some of the examples are accounting, customer relationship management CRM, HR etc. There are also some false clouds provided by many companies so one has to be very careful before selecting any product for buying.

Understand by watching a simple video!

There are also some latest innovations that are made in cloud computing, which are making our business apps very collaborative and mobile too. This is called as “cloud 2” it’s very simple and easy. We can maintain our work in cloud 2 as we update our personal life in face book. Thus cloud computing is going to open gateways for people who want run an IT company with less investment and better quality.

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