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Fuel efficient vehicle: International paper downloadable

Title of this Automobile engineering project: Fuel efficient vehicle with auxiliary cruiser engine.

About this project: Fuel efficiency is a field where every automobile is specializing, though there are many strategies to improve fuel efficiency the process doesn’t seem to end. Now this project talks about the method in which an auxiliary engine is used to enhance fuel efficiency. According to this technology an automotive vehicle having improved fuel economy is equipped with a drive system where this cruiser engine has a primary combustion engine and an auxiliary combustion engine.

The primary combustion engine is used to take the vehicle to its cruising speed or the speed at which the vehicle is fuel efficient to the core. Most of the vehicles are designed to have a maximum performance at this speed. It occurs between ascent and descent phases and is usually the majority of a journey.  Cruising changes only at a constant speed, it ends as the vehicle approaches the destination like the descent phase of flight. At this stage once when the cruise speed is achieved the auxiliary engine gets activated.

It starts interacting like an automatic clutch system and powers the vehicle increases or maintains the cruise speed, when the primary engine is disconnected from the system and its speed is slowly decreased.

Inventor: Gregorio M. Belloso

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