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Automobile engineering project: Fuel efficient automobile

Title: Fuel efficient and inexpensive automobile.

Vehicles have to be cheap enough so that it’s in the reach of the people apart from that it may also posses features like fuel efficiency, eco friendly etc. This project explains the mechanism in which both the properties can be achieved in a vehicle.

An automotive wheeled vehicle of light weight and improved fuel efficiency has first and second laterally opposed drive wheels mounted upon a stationary axle which is positioned transversely to the direction of vehicle motion, where each drive vehicle is associated with a combustion engine which is separate and independent of each other so that it will provide a controlled forward motion of the vehicle.

As far as the reversed motion of the vehicle is concerned, an electric motor is used to provide a controlled reverse motion. It has two engines one is a primary and other is a secondary. The secondary engine is used to provide an auxiliary support when the primary engine is operating. This project helps in achieving fuel efficiency in a cost efficient way, using the above given mechanism.

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