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Its facebook's turn to launch an application world: Tech new

Here is good news for all those who love to play endless games on Facebook.
Facebook is also launching its own app store now to aid its users to find games and apps of their choice easily online. This app center has already been launched in USA and has got appreciable responses for the same, it provides services like pininterest and popular games like draw something and bejeweled.

Facebook will also recommend apps based on ratings from people who use it and the apps that their friends are using. Right now this facility is not available for UK users of Facebook but it promises that it will available to all of its users soon in few weeks.

The social network, which now has more than 900 million members, will also sell its own apps through the store. The act is been considered as a shrewd one by technology analysts because the App Centre will allow the social network to showcase the best apps, based on its extensive social data, which allow users to login using their Facebook details via Connect.
Moreover Facebook also encourages people to create apps for it in a Paid-For format and those who create apps solely for Facebook will have to share 30% of its price with Facebook, but no charge is made while promoting the apps it will simply list the apps and the place where they are available.
Announcing “the app center last month”, Facebook engineer Aaron Brady said: “Success through the App Centre is tied to the quality of an app. We use a variety of signals, such as user ratings and engagement, to determine if an app is listed in the App Centre. To help you [developers] monitor user feedback, we are also introducing a new app ratings metric in Insights to report how users rate your app over time.

“Well-designed apps that people enjoy will be prominently displayed. Apps that receive poor user ratings or don’t meet the quality guidelines won't be listed.”
Each app will have a star rating, based on Facebook’s social graph, like Apple’s App Store.

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