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Robots to take over humans !

We all know that tools were initially developed to make the jobs of human easier but what if the same tools are going to be a threat to humans, consider humans being replaced by robots in all work place just because they don’t demand salary and they work more efficiently than human, isn’t it shocking?...
Recently the manufacturing company of iPad and iPhone called “Foxconn” which employs nearly one million humans around the world has said that it is going to cut down the no of human employees into nearly half and replace them by robots in the next few years.  When asked about the human employees? The company says that they will move up the value chain, this might help avoiding undervaluing of education which is a common complaint amongst us.

The company considers this robotisation as an “empire of robot”, if the company succeed in doing this means then the number of robotic employees around the world will be doubled, then it will cause a serious trouble with regards to human freedom, creativity and opportunities for innovation in learning systems and technology.

However there is a clear risk in employing robots in an recent interview given by Andrew MacAfee the co-author of the book “race against the machine” has said that there may be a social unrest amongst the people if robots are to be replaced by humans, because there is a sure chance of many people being left behind by the robotisation and there is also a lot of chance for people who are unskilled can never get a job.

Whether due to robots or due to an increasingly competitive and complex world, it seems apparent that there is a growing imperative for human workers to move up the value chain - to develop and more widely distribute the skills to perform more skilled, creative work.
A survey this year of US manufacturers by The Manufacturing Performance Institute found that 53% of US manufacturing firms believe that less than 50% of their human workers have the skills and work ethic required to do high performance work.
That's not good news for humans, when there is an imbalance in the demand and availability of skilled labors then it will surely affect the market values. The empire of robots will surely eliminate the amount of the unskilled labors needed in a company allowing the capable people move ahead in a company.
The process of allowing a person to move up in a company is not just an economic change; it’s a change of condition for the human spirit. There are certainly equity, justice, privacy and other issues that need to be figured out. But it's not all bad news - far from it.

If robot workers can in fact be treated as tools for a human workforce that is effectively moved up the value chain, using services from an increasingly competitive Human Capital Management sector to make that shift, then the end result is win-win. Less unskilled labor, more support for better systems for teaching and learning. More fruit of skilled labor in the future.
Will it work that way? We'll see. That seems a possible trajectory for the future.

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