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BE Mechanical engineering project: Electromagnetic noise in resonant cavities and apertures

Title: Analysis and mitigation of electromagnetic noise in resonant cavities and apertures.
Departments: Mechanical engineering projects, electrical engineering.
Can be used for: Projects by final year engineering students, higher level projects, paper presentations.

Mechanical engineering students are the ones who are hitting this blog more in numbers. In recent times, we found most of the students belonging to this department are not interested in regular engineering projects that all common final years do. These guys are interested in doing projects that are considered to be complicated and having goo scope for their higher educations. This project is an higher level engineering project. But a good one for the mechanical engineering students who are trying to something different and make an better knowledge in the core side. This project is basically about the recent trend called "Low voltage electronics circuits that are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference"

Sample from this mechanical engineering project : Perfect matching using absorbing boundary conditions is hard to realize in numerical methods. Sometime the reflection is very large that the s-parameter calculation by the assumption of perfect matched termination will no longer be acceptable. This is especially the case when the transmission line is filled with a dielectric material. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a method for S-parameter calculation irrespective of how the transmission line is terminated. The method presented here will be suitable for situations where the reflection from the transmission line termination is unknown or there is considerable amount of reflection from the termination of the port. calculate the S-parameter directly under condition of matched termination. If the termination is not matched, it is not possible to tell the incident from the reflected wave in the numerical algorithm. However, the voltage and current of the port is easily available in numerical simulation tools. That information leads to the consideration of S-parameters or Y-parameter. Z-parameters, for instance, are a set of parameters that completely describe the network in a manner similar to how S-parameters describe the same network. Z-parameters are related to voltage and current in a two-port network by the following equations

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The Analysis and mitigation of electromagnetic noise in resonant cavities and apertures here:

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