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Networking projects for engineering students: Performance analysis of Wireless local area networks.

Title: Performance analysis of Wireless local area networks.
Departments: Computer science engineering (CSE projects), Information technology, Communication engineering. 
Can be used for: Analyze wireless networks, Final year engineering projects, paper presentations.

This project titled "Performance analysis of wireless local area network" is a simple yet good, interesting and challenging project for all the engineering students, who are interesting in wireless communication or networking papers. Setting up a wireless network is so simple these days. Very common person will be able to do that, with the help of the new features available today. But analyzing the performance of the working network is something so interesting and important in the infrastructure level. In a wireless network, An access point is the main authority which controls all the traffic and members of the network. AP can add or remove a node from the existing network. So thus setting up a network aloe wont let the network work with 100% efficiency. The performance checks has to be performed in order to check the collisions and packet drops in the network.

Sample from the below attached networking project: There have been many developments in the field of networking in past decade but the most important one was the development of wireless networks that provides ease of feasibility to roam around. Wireless networks have been given a lot of attention because of its flexible nature in the data communication systems. It has been implemented as an extension or as an alternative of wired networks, which can be deployed virtually anywhere; from offices to university campus or providing hotspots at the airports, cafes, etc. Besides having many advantages, wireless networks have some limitations as well which are generally due to the underlying medium being used. These limitations involve mobility, fewer battery life, frequent collisions and limited bandwidth. Such factors degrade the overall network performance. Many researchers have tried to increase the performance. To achieve this, many models were proposed to improve the performance by increasing the throughput and decreasing the delay, especially in a dense environment. Few of them achieved the desirable performance metrics with low delay and high throughput but most of them lack these desirable performance metrics.

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Performance analysis of Wireless local area networks here :

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