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Electrical engineering project: Power electronics cooling device

Department: Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering.
Can be used for: Paper presentations, engineering projects for final year engineering students, seminars on recent trends in power electronics.

Electrical engineering students who are interested in the core of the stream selected will be very much interested in this topic for a final year engineering project or paper presentations. Power electronic projects and international standard papers are hard to find and select in the internet these days. This unique blog post is for those students. We at our request page, get a lot of request for this particular topic. So we hope this project paper will be useful for young engineering students. This project paper is of higher standards for engineering students, to work on. But this could enhance the level of thinking and work, when helped by seniors and lectures. This project is about a device that is used to cool the power electronics of a vehicle system. It is particularly done by a liquid circulating through a cooling circuit that is mounted under a plate holding the power electronics. According to the invention by  the cooling circuit can include deflectors and turbulator to increase exchange co-eff between the cooling circuit and the cooling liquid.

Sample for the attached power electronics paper: According to one embodiment of the invention, the pressed plate 23 is fixed to the flat plate 24 by brazing. The reference 26 represents the brazing joints used for assembling the pressed plate 23 and the flat plate 24 by brazing. In the embodiment in FIG. 1, the pressed plate 23 is connected directly to the support plate 21, by a brazing technique. This brazing technique consists of assembling two plates made from the same material, for example aluminum, separated by a plating layer, or brazing join, deposited on one of the plates. These two plates are then heated in an oven at the melting temperature of the plating. The plating layer, in the case where the two plates to be brazed are aluminum, is also made from aluminum but has a melting point less than that of the two plates to be connected. This plating layer, here made from aluminum, is deposited according to a co-lamination technique on one face of at least one of the two plates to be brazed, this face being opposite to the other face to be brazed. The plating being of the same material as the two plates to be connected, there is no addition of a thermal barrier, which makes it possible to obtain good thermal conductivity.

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Full paper of power electronics cooling device here:

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