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Final year engineering project : Energy saving lamp holder.

Title: Energy saving lamp holder.
Department: electrical engineering, electronic engineering, energy saving projects,
Can be used for: paper presentations, final year engineering projects for engineering students, energy saving project ideas.

Today for the entire world we are living in, Energy is one big need. The demand and cost of this basic essential need is increasing rapidly. While stated that the entire world is reining for new ways to save and produced energy, the entire responsibility is left behind the technologist and engineers. Right from the school levels to the masters level, projects on energy production and energy saving is appreciated. So selecting on such project much be very exciting for young engineering minds for their final semester engineering project. Students who are interest in doing good sincere projects on "Energy saving", can read this paper and gain ideas on this topic and innovate this project by Wen ho Yang. According to this paper it provides an energy saving lamp holder, which has a set of conducting spring leaves, a set of elastic articles, an anti-backspin guide plate and a positioning plate. When installing a bulb to this holder certain simple steps has to be done and this can reduce the energy consumption.

Sample copied from the original paper attached: To achieve the foregoing objective of the present invention, the techniques adopted and the achievable function are detailed described with reference to the following preferred example and the accompanying drawings, which is expected to help the honorable Examiner in comprehending the contents of present invention thoroughly. Please referring to FIGS. 4-5, the example of present invention is an energy saving lamp holder 2 which comprises: a body 21, in the shape of a saucer (having piercing holes thereon), is directly fastened (threaded) to the spot during installation (for instance: the ceiling), having a load cylinder 211 at its center, where the load cylinder 211 embraces a central vessel 2111, a set of symmetric piercing holes 2112, a set of symmetric catch troughs 2113, a set of symmetric 65 linking vessels 2114, and a set of deep and symmetric side cavities opened on the load cylinder; a set of conducting spring leaves 22, which are conducting elements made of a slice with several folds, each has an end hole 221, and a transverse contact plate 222 made by a couple of folds. The conducting spring leaf 22 is put inside the load cylinder 211 once in assembly, having its end holes 221 each pointed to a piercing hole 2112, by means of a fastener 223 (for instance: a rivet) for penetrating through the end hole 221 and the piercing hole 2112, and for penetrating into a joint hole 2241 at one end of a joiner 224 which is located at the bottom of the body 21, followed by a joint (for instance: a rivet joint), such that the conducting spring leaves 22 has its end hole 221 standing on the piercing hole 2112, through the help of the fastener 223 to electrically connect the conducting spring leaf 22 and corresponding joiner 224. The joiner 224 has its another end bent down into a step shape..

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