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Window 8 appstore is the Microsoft’s new project.

Microsoft’s new project:

Window 8 appstore is the Microsoft’s new project. Initial reports from Microsoft head quarters have suggested that windows 8 will have its own application store therefore Microsoft has started talking about releasing its own appstore for windows 8.The basic idea was adopted from which created an online market place for most of its products like Mac, iPad, iphone etc. Apple has been selling computers as well smart phone application in the market which it created for selling apps. Apple’s online app store has been a hit since its launch and is used by millions of Apple customers across the globe on routine basis. Now Microsoft, one of the biggest industry rivals of Apple, has also decided to launch its own marketplace for Windows 8.

Microsoft window 8 appstore will be more transparent as compared to that of the Apple, it will also be more attractive for application developers. They also offer to provide free apps to that of the paid one. The range of the apps offered by Microsoft is from $2 to $ the developers would offer trials of products to potential clients. One of the biggest issues with Apple’s app store is transparency. Microsoft vows to do better than Apple and has promised to bring an app store where developers will be asked to go through a standard validation process before their apps are accepted. They will be able to track the app submission process through an online tracker. Like apple Microsoft also is planning to keep some % of the revenue obtained from the app sales.
Microsoft has announced that the appstore will be released as soon as windows 8 beta would be released that is around Feb. 2012.

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