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Gujarat small and medium business entrepreneurs to logon to cloud services:

India’s market is growing fast and the main reason behind it is the small and medium business entrepreneurs present in India they contribute to the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other related products, These SMB’s are very small enterprise with very small people working in it. They cannot offer to have their own data storing centres, hardware, software etc.

However end-user organizations, which include small or midsize businesses (SMBs), public sector units (PSUs) and the government sector, have started looking at cloud offerings and the benefits they can get from adopting cloud-based solutions. Government is also supporting cloud adoption to help/encourage small business get maximum benefit/support and cost saving to strength its business.

Recently Hitachi came up to offer cloud services to smb’s present in Gujarat which accounts to 10% of the 3 million odd smb’s present in India. The sme’s are basically looking for obtaining data backup and email support services, they also looking up for data and business analysis solutions provided by cloud. Once Hitachi has successfully provided cloud support to Gujarat it will slowly start to provide to other states of India.

Tata Communications, too, has announced plans to target about 30 per cent of the 380,000 small and medium scale units across Gujarat for the adoption of its recently-launched cloud services. The company has launched two new products, InstaApps and InstaCompute, as part of its cloud services, expanding its cloud services portfolio. According to an IDC survey, cloud solutions industry is around $400 million currently and is expected to grow 10 times to $4-4.5 billion by 2015 in India. With huge demand and need of cloud services to manage the data, email growth and backup, Indian small and mid sized business is expected to pick up the pace with the changing technology and constant up gradation.
Most of the companies in India are really not aware or convinced about the facilities s provided by the cloud. They are still not willing to invest in this area. Hitachi cloud offering deal would make awareness among other SME’s and encourage adoption. Cloud computing services are most likely to benefit those SMEs which have higher requirement of storage and processing of data.

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