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Chemical engineering paper presentation: Bio-oxidation ppt

Title: Bio-oxidation paper presentation.
Department: Bio-technology, Chemical engineering.
Can be used for: Paper presentations, ppts, seminars, projects development materials.

This paper attached here was collected from the internet sources and found to be interesting. Students who are willing to present a good paper during their education period can have a look at this paper presentation on Bio-Oxidation. This paper presentation will be more suitable for chemical engineering students and Bio-tech engineering students than any other branch. We have attached two files together with this main download, as supporting documents. It might help you engineers as well.

Sample from the attached paper presentation material: 
• Smaller Footprint than Conventional Biofilters
• Lower Capital Costs
• Significantly Lower Energy Requirements
• Less maintenance, fewer moving parts
• Treats combined air streams of H2S AND VOC’s
• No Combustion By-Products (NOx, SOx)
• Significantly lower CO2 generation than incineration-type
• Odor Reduction obtainable in <24 hours
• Systems designed to achieve desired removal efficiencies
• Sustainable Technology

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