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Electric bike final year engineering project ideas with details

Title: Electric bike, final year engineering project.
Department: Mechanical engineering, Automobile engineering, Electrical engineering.
Can be used for: This idea and paper can be used for developing a proper final year project for the engineering students.

This project titling, Electric bike must normally attract larger number of mechanical engineering students towards it. This is a real good project for students who are all willing to do their final year engineering projects on their own, without running into project centers. This project is all about designing and construction of an electric bike. Actually this title could be done by any good creative person in general but the paper attached to this post is really a standard one and invented by CHUAN-SHENG CHEN. Normally a electric bike is known as e-bike. It is fundamentally an bicycle with a proper motor. Which is used to power the cycle. These motors are generally powered with rechargeable batteries. These E-bikes are found to get more recommended and appreciated these days, due to the fuel shortage and pollution effects. So a project on this topic will be very useful to score well in the exam point of view.

Sample form the paper attached: The primary purpose of the present invention is to provide an electric bicycle, which can be formed by user manipulatively mounting a power driving assembly to a regular bicycle and the power driving assembly comprises a driving gear, a flat motor, of which details are disclosed in a co-pending application that was filed as a patent application by the present applicant and is now issued a patent, a battery set, an operation knob, and a transmission gear train. The driving gear is mounted to spokes of a bicycle wheel and is concentric with respect to an axle of the wheel. The flat motor is mounted to a frame of the wheel. The battery set is received in a casing, which is mounted to a frame of the bicycle and the operation knob is mounted on a handlebar of the bicycle or other suitable locations to control a switch of the flat motor, which transmits the power generated by the flat motor through the transmission gear train to drive the driving gear and thus controlling forwarding and stopping of the bicycle wheel, thereby realizing the operation and function of the electric bicycle. The present invention allows an electric bicycle to be formed by simply and easily and user-manipulatively mounting a power driving assembly to a regular bicycle and allows the user to select the preferred model or a bicycle model suitable for the user's riding, or it is even possible to mount the assembly to a bicycle that is currently used by the user to make the electric bicycle to thereby substantially reduce the costs.

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