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Chemical engineering project for final year students.

Department: Chemical engineering.
Can be used for: Projects at higher levels of education and final year chemical engineering projects.

Among many departments of engineering. Chemical engineering is generally considered to be the hardest to search and fins the materials for study and projects. Yes, chemical engineering students don't have many project centers to help them with their ideas and thoughts. As this subject is considered to be booming, there is a need to help these requests. Most of the requests from the chemical engineering students we get are quite hard to find on the web. Though we try hard, we mostly fail badly. But this time we are with a wonderful piece of research paper for you. This paper is all about determining the pH and conductivity of a buffer solution, with some advancements.

Sample of this chemical engineering project material: A comprehensive model for calculating pH and conductivity values for a buffer solution added to the eluate of a cation exchange column at Bayer Healthcare has been developed. Bayer Healthcare’s Berkeley facility manufactures Kogenate – a drug for Hemophilia. This project was carried out at one of the intermediate purification steps of Kogenate, where the pH and conductivity of a buffer solution added to a chromatographic column’s eluate has to be critically adjusted. Currently this process is done manually and requires two operators. In order to reduce the manual labor as well as improve accuracy, an automation model was developed using feedback control and Bayer’s pH and conductivity predicting empirical correlations.

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