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Top 6 Alternative sources of energy

This is a news about renewable source of energies which are going to be the fuel for mankind in the next few years. There is a serious battle fought to reduce the emission of carbon in the world, both developing and developed nations are putting their right foot forward to help in this scenario. Kyoto protocol is an example for this, there are nearly 191 countries have signed this protocol. There are nearly six different resources that are going to be the major resources in the future which is listed below,

This energy is harnessed from water bodies like waterfalls, rivers etc where the force of the Water is used to move turbines and obtain energy but there are also sufficient disadvantages in this because they affect the habitat of the animals living in water it’s also difficult to install them and they are also costly.

Nearly 11% of the worlds renewable energy is obtained from biomass it produces about 7000 megawatts of electricity per year. This energy is obtained by burning the bio degradable waste in gas turbines to produce biomass gas. There are several mills operating around the world to produce biogas.

This energy is the most cost effective and reliable source of energy. It’s obtained from naturally occurring places called “hotspots”. Hotspots are places where we can find steam at very high temperature and pressure because at these places the underground water comes in contact with the lava present under earth’s crust. This steam is used to rotate turbines connected to the generators thereby produce electricity. The major difficulty in this technology is that it’s not easy to find the perfect spot to harness this kind of energy.

Wind mills are used in this technology, where the blade of the wind mill is attached to the shaft of the generator. The amount of energy obtained depends on the size of the wind mill used. The down side of this technology is that the amount of noise that it creates and also the installation cost. The electricity obtained from this is used to power farms, ranches etc.

They are very easy to install and require less maintenance. These cells are made of sunlight absorbing materials. They when absorb sunlight free the electrons from their atoms there by producing electricity.

As they name itself suggests these technology uses sunlight to heat water or air to generate steam which is used to turn turbines that generate electricity.
These technologies are non polluting and help in making earth a better place to live.

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