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How to light upon and sustain a good job in IT sector

In relatively stable times, IT employment seems to be on an upswing, many suffer nagging fears of someday becoming jobless because of budget cutbacks or overseas outsourcing. Still others who are seeking for the employment worry about being made redundant and forced to change career.Once upon a time, talent, skills, and a strong work ethic were the keys to holding on to a good job. And if you wanted a new one, you spent some time for polishing your resume. Now, as everyone knows, all bets are off.

Few years back a person who is proficient with many abilities,need not necessarily outstanding in any particular one,or  else familiar in one particular field.But today both situations are consider to  be inaccurate.This circumstances made us to become familiar and knowledgeable in all fields.

 Expand bound of knowledge in various trends like ucc,virtualization,cloud based services etc.
In study of ucc,it is the abbreviated form of unified communication and collaboration ,which highlights breadth and strategic significances of the business  impacting solutions in microsoft  definition and includes exchange,sharepoint and Lync.Microsoft unified communications (UC) technologies help educators, administrators, and staff members streamline communications—regardless of medium, platform, device, or location. Users can stay in touch and get work done wherever they are, using whichever device is most convenient.Microsoft® Lync™ ushers in a new connected user experience transforming every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging, and accessible from anywhere. For IT, the benefits are equally powerful, with a highly secure and reliable system that works with existing tools and systems for easier management, lower cost of ownership, smoother deployment and migration,greater choice and flexibility.
In virtualization,it can be viewed as part of an overall trend in enterprise IT that includes autonomic computing, a scenario in which the IT environment will be able to manage itself based on perceived activity, and utility computing, in which computer processing power is seen as a utility that clients can pay for only as needed. The usual goal of virtualization is to centralize administrative tasks while improving scalability and work loads.Hyper-v,vserver,xenserver are also important in job search.

Cloud computing is increasingly being used for what was known as "on-demand" and "utility computing". The services provided, the APIs and the applications that can be hosted by these Cloud providers have superseded the use of the grid, and are increasingly becoming popular with users. The Cloud is a paradigm shift, where details are abstracted from the users; they no longer need expert knowledge about using the various technologies and running their applications on service infrastructure. Cloud computing provides a consumption and delivery model for IT services based on Internet, and it typically involves the provision of dynamically scalable and virtualized services.

Making good impression at Interview: 
Self-education can give you deep knowledge of a subject, but some people might be skeptical about your qualifications.
The reason is that most people are quite conservative and they need to see a diploma or a certificate to believe that you are really good. I think it is just a matter of time, when people will understand that self-education can be as productive as the traditional education.
You can be at any point in your IT career ,a newbie who simply wants to hang onto his job, a veteran who needs to prove her worth to her boss, a mid-career pro looking to move on to a new company. No matter where you fall, there are several big mistakes that can send your career into a skid. Avoid them, and you can keep your career trajectory soaring instead of sinking.
The other things to concentrate for making a good impression at your interview.Remember the quote"My first impression is as important as my first baby step was – it’s going to move me forward in life”.You’ve done your preparation, now it’s time to focus on how to make a good first impression during your interview, including a nice smile, sound handshake, and concise answers.Put things in perspective.  By the time you are called for an interview, the employer will already have gone through your resume and cover letter.  He or she knows the basics about you like your background, your work experience, your general interests, why you want to join the organization, etc.  Whatever the employer knows up to that point, however, is only one-sided.  The employer only knows what you have decided to reveal.  Based on the information that you have provided, however, he or she decided that you were "worthy" of a meeting.  This is the employer's way to show an open mind.  "Here's your chance" he or she is saying.  "Show me what you've got" or "prove to me that you are as good as you pretend to be".
Three important things to remember when you're interviewing: being prepared, professional, and polite is the best way to make the right impression!!!

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