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25 Funniest Movies Ever Made About College » Bachelors Degree

Found this collection of movies on the website link given below! These are movies that are taken based on the college life. Being INDIA is celebrating Independence day on August 15th (Monday). Most of the students must be happy about the government holiday on the Monday! So this post is dedicated to all the fun loving hearts for these holidays. Enjoy the movie and holidays.

A funny movie can help relieve the stress of a student’s college life. However, despite the fact that college life really can be funny, we had to reach to find 25 funny movies ever made. Beginning in 1932 with the Marx Brothers, you can end a full week’s worth of movies with the latest film, Accepted, from 2006. The movies on this list are compiled in alphabetical order.

Accepted (2006): A funny movie for nerds, providing an ideal situation where a high-school slacker creates an imaginary college for himself and his friends called the South Harmon Institute of Technology.

Back to School (1986): Rodney Dangerfield plays a wealthy yet uneducated father who joins his struggling son at college. A great foil for Dangerfield, who rates as a classic comedian, specializing in slapstick.

Dead Man On Campus (1998): If you think you can get straight A’s after your roommate commits suicide, then watch this comedy. Josh Miller (Tom Everett Scott) and Cooper Frederickson (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) search for a classmate with a death wish and then try to force the issue with objects such as knives, razor blades and ropes.

25 Funniest Movies Ever Made About College » Bachelors Degree

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