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Googorola -Google join hands with Motorola

Here is one the latest news about google which I read in its official blog, its about google and Motorola coming together for providing a wonderful user experience using Androids.

Android which was launched in 2007 has completely changed the entire view and experience of using mobiles.Its mind boggling to know the number of devices that Android is lifting up everyday, there are almost 39 manufacturing companies around 123 countries in the world producing Android products.

Behalf of Androids phenomenal success google is now looking for new ways to improve
the Androids ecosystem and thats why google is coming together with Motorola. Motorola has equally great history in the field of communication technology,which uses innovative ideas to produce intelectual products.Motorola was the  company to produce the first portable cell phones 30 yrs back, its also known for creating star TAC lightest phone during the time of creation. in 2008 Motorola bet Android to be its sole operating system for most of its smart phones. and the idea has been very much successful.

Now googorola is not going to make any changes in Android it is still going to remain as an open platform and Motorola will remain as an licensee of will run Android as an separate business. google will also continue to work with the hardware partners who were a part of Android a success.

The combination of googlers and Motorolans will not only supercharge Android but also increase competition google is also confident that googorola will create great experience and huge value for share holders too.

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