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Tech tools - In todays education

This article is about the use of technology in the field of education. The effect of technology which was earlier  blamed for  spoiling students is now being appreciated for providing  students most efficient class room and campus experience.

Long back only abacus or sliding rules were necessary for performing calculations in class room,but now the field of education is making the maximum benefits out of classroom tools right from smart boards  with which they are teaching things which were earlier  beyond  the  imagination of a student,text materials are now being publisher and distributed digitally,moreover pen and paper is now being replaced by digital pens and unique digital capture paper.

Even the backpack that we used to carry is changing its shape,initially the thing was used to carry notebooks and pens, now it is used for carrying laptops succumbing the solar power and many other gadgets. tech tools have released the knowledge world wide which was once confined to schools and colleges, so lets make the best out of this technical era.

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