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Antenna designing projects: Final year ECE projects (Rare collection)

Title: Antenna designing project (Long distance Wi-Fi signals BI Quad dish antenna)
Departments: ECE projects, communication engineering. 
Can be used for: Antenna study purposes, Final year engineering projects, ECE projects.

The antenna designing projects are an apt choice for students of electronics and communication department. This project involves both designing an perfect antenna for a particular frequency and testing the efficiency of the designed antenna. The antenna in basically an device that is used to transmit or receive any desired signal that in available in the space around. We all know that antenna are one basic component that are used in every modren communication equipment. Doing a project on this field will give you a better understanding in the communication and signal concepts. the construction of this project will not cost much. Most part of this project can be constructed with the junk parts.

Sample topics covered: RF Basics Frequency, bands and bandwidth ,Wavelength ,Amplitude and power ,Decibels and dB math ,Types of Antennas ,¼ Wavelength Ground Plane ,Yagi antenna ,Horn ,Parabolic Dish ,BiQuad ,Transmission lines: Basics ,Cables ,Practical Hints: How to choose the proper cable, Connectors and Adapters ,proper connector, N Type connector.

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Long distance transmission antenna designing project details  here:

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