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ECE project final year : GPS tracking system (on google maps)

Title: Open GPS tracker project details. 
Department: ECE projects, electronics engineering, communication engineering.
Can be used for: Final year engineering projects, Be projects.

This engineering project was posted as a response, for the request from an engineering student, for his final year engineering project. This project will be more suitable for ece students / Electronics and communication engineering students or students who are interested in doing projects in the communication field like Global positioning systems (GPS), tracking system, mobile networks and more. The main advantage in doing this project is because of the easiness in construction. This GPS tracker project post has a very interesting file attached below, where all the necessary information are included! It includes right from the apparatus required to construct the project to the result models.

Sample from the project attachment: Welcome to the Open GPS Tracker site. The Open GPS Tracker is a small device which plugs into a $20 prepaid mobile phone to make a GPS tracker. The Tracker responds to text message commands, detects motion, and sends you its exact position, ready for Google Maps or your mapping software. The Tracker firmware is open source and user-customizable. Project status: Current build is 0.17 assembled 04/24/2008: We currently have second-generation stable firmware and a reference hardware design. All parts are available from Mouser Electronics, and the phone is available from Target, Walmart, or Radio Shack. This site provides the firmware with source code, theory of operation, parts list, and exact assembly and checkout instructions. If you can solder, this is a one-sitting project. No PC board or surface-mount capability is required. The source was

Download this ece project details 
GPS tracker project details here:

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