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Robots to run prisons at South Korea!

The title sounds so unreal right! Yes, this is one recent news that we came across in a leading tech-news publishing website. The word robot, has always been a term, which naturally stimulates the excitation of engineers. We all know that robots are replacing humans in almost every venture, now they are also going to guard the prisons of South Korea. As the country tries to lead the robotic industry, it has taken a step further to get the help of the new droid to strengthen its pace. The ministry of justice sponsored project, the robots, guards measuring 150 cms in height are going guard prisons of Pohang and South Korea form march next year. The prison plans to introduce them properly if the month-long trial is a success.

A whooping amount of $850000 has spent on these robots make the human guards to concentrate on the rehabilitating the offenders. The robots have been installed with a host of sensors to keep an eye on the behavior of the criminals and also the conditions of the cell.

“Unlike CCTV that just monitors cells through screens, the robots are programmed to analyze various activities of those in prison and identify abnormal behavior,” Prof. Lee Baik-chul of Kyonggi University, who is in charge of the 1 billion-won ($863,000) project, told the Journal.
The robots can also work as a communication channel when inmates want to contact guards in an emergency.
According to Mr. Lee, prison officers have welcomed the idea because the robots can potentially reduce their workload, particularly at night.

And how about the reaction of inmates?
“That’s a concern. But the robots are not terminators. Their job is not cracking down on violent prisoners. They are helpers. When an inmate is in a life-threatening situation or seriously ill, he or she can reach out for help quickly,” he said.

Mr. Lee said his team is putting the final touches to the appearance of the robots to make them look more “humane and friendly” to those behind bars.

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