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C/C++'s future is looking brighter than ever.

Are you planning to get educated for your IT career? 
Are you feeling bad that you are not good in JAVA and ORACLE?

No problem! says the future of Information technology. Yes, you believe it? your high school and college syllabus C, C++ are going to get their driving seats sooner. There once was a period in which the languages (C,C++) seemed to die slowly and get replaced by languages like JAVA, RUBY and JAVA SCRIPT. But now the future of these languages looks brighter than any time in the past.

When i read this article in one my favorite blogs, i was soo glad and enthused about the reasons quoted.

  1. The support for lambdas and closures in the newest C++ standard.
  2. The uncertainty surrounding Java following Oracle's acquisition of Sun, and the uncertainty around .NET as Microsoft seems to be de-prioritizing it in Windows 8.
  3. We can't see Microsoft deprecating C# anytime soon, but the Visual C++ team is hard at work and C++ is clearly going to be central to Microsoft's developer strategy in the future.
  4. Although Java is finally moving forward again, and frameworks like Spring are pushing it into the future, We can certainly see the case for being weary of Java in the Oracle age.
  5. The one place that it seems deficient is in mobile, and it seems all but certain that the HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript stack will rule the majority of mobile development. (But but Android and Apple IOS have started supporting the apps development in the language C++)
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