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Paper presentation: Human and Computer Interfacing

About this computer paper-presentations :(Human and Computer Interfacing)
          The Acronym for jaws is “Job Access with Speech” .The first part of this paper introduces the necessity of refreshable Braille display, device which rests on the keyboard by means of raising dots through holes in flat. .The second part focuses on the fundamentals of the speech synthesis which converts text to speech, and the speech units. The third part portrays the speech production by the vocal chords and acoustic phonetics. The next part is dealt with the detailed description on various converted speech units (words, sylablles, demisylablles, diphone, allophone, phoneme), the way in which these primitive speech units are combined to form a full speech with phonetic sounds. The process indulged in the analysis of speech signals and the various synthesis methods, the coding of vocal tract parameters using Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) synthesis with its block diagram. The fifth part is all about Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) principles and the stages involved in it, speech unit’s synthesis influencing factors .The later part discusses the signal processing front end and parameterisation and their feature, blocking and windowing

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