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Why should engineers read an article fully ? ( Only for hungry hearts )

Hello engineers,
This is a new post. it is unique from the other post of this blog because it is not that technical post or a paper presentation, book link or a engineering stuff. It is more like a soft skill development lesson. Yes! yes! yes! i know what you think. No time for these articles!?
Engineering is a study were we focus our minds for hours. we are more into concepts and ideas for most of our times. So, I just wanted share this small piece of tip for my readers. 

When ever you see a new and interesting titled article, you start reading it with much interest and willingness but as you gradually start understanding the content you think you are done and start feeling bored. Then suddenly your facebook wall seems more interesting to you and you convince yourself that you've understood the article (This happens a lot for me :p), we tend to stop reading that and assume we understood what the poor author tries to convey. Yes! you'd have actually understood it but this causes some huge set backs for our parameters.

Well then why do i want you continue reading that article??

  1. An increasing number of experts think skimming through a article make us more stupider and say it's time to slow down.
  2. The interpretation of different writers might be different, towards various issues and concepts. feeling bored and getting lost can happen sometimes but still holding the patience can provide you fruitful results. 
  3. Reading an article completely can give you enormous amount of courage and confidence to share the topic in your group at colleges or work places.
  4. When you develop the habit of reading the articles completely, you can be a thought advisor (Upto your level knowledge) and you'll have a right to comment on the issue or you could pour criticism to the writer's thoughts. 
  5. The habit will make you more respectable in the society and mark you as a source of knowledge in the genre.
  6. The patience will always pay you! as we know this since our kinder garden classes (Moral education). the patience if reading will improve the linguistics skills and let us master a topic with confidence.

Being you studying a engineering course, the element of common sense will we adequately available. so the key to move into the next level of being a professional, lies is small changes like these with our syllabus and engineering thoughts. 

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