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New Solar-Powered Classroom Brings Science to Schools in Developing Countries

There are several schools pertaining to the rural areas of several developing countries which cannot teach several science topics properly to their students mainly because they couldn’t show several things practically using experiments due to unavailability of water and chemicals.

There are several steps taken to provide students access to the information technology using solar powered projectors and systems. The lack of electricity is a particularly serious matter for rural schools and this situation is unlikely to get better in the near to medium future. With drawbacks to petrol generators, due to difficulties in getting supplies and safety hazards, solar energy generators have become available at cost-effective prices and provide a sustainable answer as rural schools have an abundance of the basic energy source required to power them -- sunshine.

Most of the data and video projectors need at least 200 to 300 watts of energy which cannot be provided by the solar power thanks to the advent of mini projectors which needs only maximum of 50 watts. The solar energy generators, which consist of solar panels, batteries and inverters, can be linked to the projector for students to get practical classes via multimedia resources to show laboratory experiments and stress practical techniques.

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