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Final year projects: bandwidth allocation methods in optical networks, Networking project.

Title: A survey on bandwidth allocation methods in optical networks, Networking project.
Departments: Communication engineering, Electronics and communication engineering (ECE projects), Computer science engineering (CSE projects), Networking projects.
Can be used for: Final year engineering projects, engineering projects, networking projects, paper presentation.

Networking projects are really of great demand in todays project markets. This scenario of demand was not created by any artificial source. The natural tendency of the present engineering students towards the subject of networking, has made this demand. Doing a project in networking is sometimes easy and other times head breaking. So students who are willing to take up projects in networking please be careful. Well, this project is for the students who are still searching of a good topic in networking for their final year engineering projects. About this project, Nowadays optical networks are domination the other technologies like Ethernet. Mainly due to increase in the usage data. At this time allocating bandwidth properly to the networks is an important task. A detailed understanding and evaluating the performance of networking protocols is very much important. In this context this projects is n best choice. All the best, use the paper attached below.

Sample from the below attached networking project: The protocols Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Ethernet have been recommended as the transmission protocol in PONs. In these years for this reason that the EPONs are flexible they have gained more attention from the industry. The architecture of an Ethernet network is simple yet highly operative. The ability of work between old and new networks can easily be support and inheritance solutions can be used as EPON data is coming in standard Ethernet frames. Naturally the EPON networks are accept in a tree topology with multiple ONUs that is linked to a OLT as a splitters. There are two type of transmission that I show in Fig1, Fig2. In a downstream transmission (Fig1) the OLT uses all bandwidth to broadcast packets through the splitter to each ONU. Each ONU excerpt packets by check the Medium Access Control (MAC) address in packets.

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Bandwidth allocation methods in optical networks here:

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