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China’s High Speed train tested successfully:

In the above picture we are able to see the latest high speed train of china. China though it has several fast moving trains in its country has developed this train which can move with a whooping speed of 500kmph. The design of this train has been inspired from an ancient Chinese sword and it’s made of plastic material reinforced with carbon fiber.

What was notable about China’s high-speed lines was that the system was designed from the ground up for very high-speed operation over hundreds of kilometers. China has the largest network of bullet-train track in the world. The push for a massive build out began in 2006 and continues, with the help of government funds.

China’s triumph in the field of engineering is world known, now a day its expertise in field of railways has been terribly hindered due to the corruption in the railway ministry. Usages of substandard materials and lack of concentration in the process are some of the factors bothering the successful launch of the bullet train, recently an accident had killed 40 people in china because of two bullet train crashes, and therefore the speed levels of all bullet trains have been lowered considerably.

Similarly, Chinese officials in the latest announcement are careful to point out that future Chinese trains will not necessarily run at such high speeds as that demonstrated in the newly tested superfast train.

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