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Wireless Vehicle/Automobile security system project

Title: Interactive wireless vehicle security system.
Department: Electronics and communication, Automobile, Networking, computers, security.
Can be used for: Paper presentations, final year projects, research work for students and others.

This projects idea was an inspiration from this paper by Wang Qiahe et al. This paper by him is on the security system for the vehicles via wireless communication. This is one of the projects that most of the young engineers get attracted. This attraction is due to the various number of fields this project cover. subjects like networking, communication, embedded, automobiles and more. This is such an interesting project to work on. The simple working of this projects idea can be stated as following, This has an security system designed that detects intrusive activities in and around a vehicle and transmits the message (warning message). the speciality about this project is that, it also adds specific description of the warning in the same message through a wireless telephone network to the administrator or the owner's assigned contact. So that in response that message the admin or the contact will be able to establish a remote wireless communication with the security system and get further information.

Sample of this paper presentation / engineering project: The CPU can also be programmed to take other actions automatically, through the GSM module and/or the vehicle control interface, in response to specific intrusion indicators. For example, in response to intrusion sensors indicating vehicle vibration or movement in the vehicle's vicinity, the CPU can send a command through the vehicle control interface to lock the doors and sound the vehicle's horn or alarm siren. If one of the intrusion sensors indicates that the vehicle has been tilted, on the other hand, the CPU can be programmed to select from the message ROM the message that the vehicle is being towed away by a thief and to transmit that message through the communication interface to the GSM module, with direction that it be sent to police and emergency telephone numbers. And in response to a pressure reading from the gas pedal sensor, the CPU can be programmed to send a command through the vehicle control interface to disable the fuel pump so that fuel will stop flowing to the engine.

When the owner receives a message from the base unit specifying the type of intrusion and time of occurrence, he or she can initiate a number of responsive actions from the keypad, from a remote telephone, or, if supported by the local GSM service provider, from a computer or PDA. When the owner contacts the base unit through the GSM module, he or she can access the CPU by entering a pre-programmed password. Password authentication causes the CPU to access the menu ROM containing a series of digital voice instructions and menu prompts eliciting alternate choices. The menu prompts begin with the most general main menu level and progress to more specific sub-menus based on the owner's responses. The menu prompts are transmitted through the communication interface to the GSM module and from there to the owner.

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