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US military drones, infected by The “nasty” computer virus

The “nasty” computer virus is an key logger, which secretly record  the action performed on the key board by saving the keystorkes in log file.  This virus infected a fleet of America’s predator and Reaper drones recently which fly the mission remotely to Afghanistan and other warzones . The use of unmanned aircrafts - u.s military drones is increased after the president obama took the office, recent  statistics says u.s military drone killed more than 20,000 suspected  militants and civilians, without risking the lives of u.s soldiers. But now, the drone here is targeted –unmanned with help of the “nasty” computer virus.  The unmanned aircrafts used by the Airforce for espionage and combat, this aircraft  is given instruction remotely using the keyboard and joy stick, with help of this advancement the infection here records the keystroke which helps the hacker to get to know what is exactly happening in the u.s military . The “nasty” computer virus infection hits the Creech Air Force station in Nevada suspected that it steals the confidential information of the u.s. military also they have no clue that, from where the infection is spread and whether its been targeted the Drones computer alone or not. Creech specialist couldn’t remove the “nasty” computer virus in their systems even after knowing what exactly had happened to the system.

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