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What is JAVA? What should an engineer know about it?

Hello engineers!
What is JAVA? This title seem so simple and ridiculous to most of the engineering students. Yes, it is so stupid to talk about this to engineers. Still, the idea of writing a blog post on this topic was because of a young engineering student. She actually wanted to me explain her about the types of java and stuff. I've did this article not only for her but all the engineering students who are in doubt to choose Java as a course and more.

Java is a computing platform designed by sun is the dynamic programming language preferred by most of the software developers in recent  years  . Java is a pure object oriented programming language and a core technology  that enhances the design of  various commercial needs of  what  the people look for in the web. The c++ language is the key base for developing the java language , the syntax used in c++ is too complex for the developers to design a program instead java language is made much simpler than other programming language. There are huge number of concepts in java which helps in understand and develop the program  much simpler than any other programming language as reduces the complexity of the program by implementing  its features .The applications which developed using java language is necessary to compile them into byte codes, this typical conversion is done by  Java Virtual Machine JVM   Also, Java is widely used to develop applications as a complete one which run on one particular computer,  the same  can be modified and designed in such a way that it also run on the client-server systems in the network.  Other interesting fact in java is building java applets, it is a small application module where the web page user will directly interact with the web page using applet which is built in that web page. It uses  Java Virtual Machine JVM to run on the web page.

Java is quite difficult to understand initially because it has wide variety of things for a programmer to learn.  A developer who is a beginner may not be initially familier with all wings of java but Java is very easy to implement when programmer understands all the branches in it. For example, manually doing user interfaces are more difficult however  when using IDE like NetBeans. Java applications is quite difficult to deploy  for the beginners but once you practice then it’s like cakewalk. Also unlike other programming language java is platform independent , write the code once and run it anywhere you like.

Certain wings of the java which stands unique from all other by acquiring unique properties. Core java  is the study of core or very basic concepts in java programming language. The core java is the fundamental for every other type of java. The core java package always start with java.lang. In core java the applications which are developed using java programming language can be used any of the java technology like EJB (Enterprise java bean)component, web component. The core concepts here  is inheritance, encapsulation, exception handling, multi threading etc. 
The java program is advanced from java version 1 is java 2 platform. The java 2 platform version is advanced by its functionalities from the first version. The java 2 platform is categorized into three  sub version  java 2 standard edition j2SE, java 2 Enterprise edition j2EE, java 2 micro edition. 
J2SE  is used for writing the java applets and other java applications. The j2SE edition is primarily used in the stand-alone computers. The activity which  done in the web page through the applets sometimes do not reflect while integrating into the e-commerce or other web service, this brings down the reliability of the language. To overcome this lag the j2SE edition has the applets which takes care of integrating the activity on the webpage accordingly example, transaction done in bank web page, buying a product in the e-commerce page etc. . Any modification or transaction which is made on the webpage by the user is carried over appropriately to the desired website is done by the j2SE edition with its additional functionalities than java edition 1. Other important functionality of j2SE  is java bean. The applications sometimes reused to make it look more sophisticated is done through the java bean. The java bean bundle many of the individual objects into a complete single bundle in order to reuse for the application, also the bean helps the user to manipulate or modify with help of certain tools in it. 
J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition is another flavor of java 2 edition, this flavor has wide variety of services also run based on the protocol designed for enterprise edition helps in developing  multi-tier web based application in the enterprise level  for component based web apps. The j2EE  web service is interoperable, which can even made run on the other environments than j2EE also supports the web services of legacy application. The j2EE can operate even  on the CORBA technology and moreover its completely scalable and portable.
J2ME java 2  Micro edition is wireless application development tool which helps in developing program for the medium and small electronic devices like mobile phone, pda also include some of the embedded components.  This is  been widely used and preferred by the program developers in order to meet the fast moving business requirements. 
The java programming language is a dynamic one which helps in sustain the language in the emerging and the developing markets so as to bring the web based service developers to offer the best out of it to the customers. The java 2 editions has variety of functionalities added to each of them to make them look unique and need  for the future as well as the current commercial as well as the business needs. This programming language always make them portable, scalable and  adopt to the environment  on which they are made run. These various editions of the java programming reduces much of the developers work  to manually integrate also made them to develop programs on  their specialization because it can run on the legacy environment too. The java is the up most and upcoming user friendly programming language.    

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