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What is XML ?

The eXtensible mark up language (xml) is most commonly supported open technology also called as non proprietary technology which describes the data in a structured format to share and exchange between the applications.

XML is designed to focus on data description of any type where it follows a standard data format for every different type of data. The contents in xml are highly structured which helps to share the data and format as well by the applications.Xml permits to create own text based notation called 'markup' elements to describe the data as appropriate to publishing needs.The elements in xml are allowed to describe the meaning of what they contain. xml is also an portable language where the syntax of the markup can be communicated to others for their use.

the xml language is being widely used recent days because the large number of data which is stored on the Internet in any web application is stored on their own format,all of these data particularly which is shared between the computers will have to take the xml to view in order to establish a proper communication that is understandable this is done by xml vocabularies because they are designed in such
a way the each xml vocabulary have standard structure where it can describe the data of any type some are CML,XHTML, VoiceXML.This attracted the organizations and industries to insist the program developers to incorporate the XML their computers in order to establish a proper communication among them.

In future the web applications will use the XML in every web applications to make the data communication much understandable by following the standard structure. For example, web application will take the phone number as an array of integer where the other web application will take that Field as an phone number of an individual.In this scenario synchronizing the data between the two applications cannot be done because they both are stored in different data format. To avoid this conflict the xml can be used in both the web application to share the data.The information technology groups are insisted by the industries to customize the xml vocabularies for most of the web applications so that industries will meet their needs.

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