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Mini projects: Electronic Security system

Title: Electronic security system
Departments: Electronics, Electrical, instrumentation., and more.
Can be used for: Education purpose, engineering study and projects, mini projects.

This is a latest project that i came across at EFY which is designed by K. BHARATHAN. As our team is searching of some good projects to share them among the student community, we found this "electronic security system". The working of this projects can be stated as, This project is basically a security system which can be used at houses and offices. which are having a "sense switch" that is just meant to be fixed along the doors and monitored from a mobile place. if the doors with the sense switches are opened or disturbed then the circuit is designed to ring a alarm that is attached. having a circuit with such basic electronic components which can be easily found in our common market make this projects cool. The projects could be stated as one of the best choices for the hobby tries and mini projects. 

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