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Digital image processing, Engineering projects

Title: Device for performing image processing based on the image attribute.
Department: Computer science, communication engineering, image processing.
Can be used for: Educational presentation, engineering seminars, engineering projects, final year projects and more

Image processing projects is one of the hot topics for the students of the departments like computer science and communication. image processing seem so attractive to students basically because of the general nature of this subject. I fount this project on the web which was invented by Tsutomu sakaue. The overview of this project can be given like, This present engineering project on image processing proves an image processing device that evil be able to compress the information volume of attribute data by vectorizing the attribute data. The transmitting device will have a attribute separating unit that will extract the att. data from the original image, a vectorizing unit will vectorize the att. data and transmits the vectorized att. data that was already vectorized by the vectorization processing unit together with the image data .his is receive in the the other end and the data is retrieved by inverting the same process at the receiver end Thus this project works. 

Sample of this research paper on image processing: 1. Field of the Invention: The present invention relates to an image processing device and an imaging processing method for performing image processing based on attribute of an image, as well as a computer-readable medium for performing the image processing method. 2. Description of the Related Art: In recent years, along with the spread of technologies such as intranets and the Internet, it is becoming typical to use image processing devices in an office over a network. For this reason, whereas image processing devices for producing copies have been used as stand-alone devices, it has now become possible to use such devices over a network. In other words, it has become possible to produce copies using different image processing devices over a network 

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