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Mechanical engineering project: Waste heat recycling power plant

Title: Method and apparatus for a waste heat recycling thermal power plant
Departments: Mechanical engineering, Energy engineering.
Can be used for: Mechanical engineering projects, Mechanical engineering paper presentations, energy related study and seminars

This was very much a interesting patent by Timothy Michael kirby et al. This paper was found, when we were searching on a request from one of our readers. The request was to fetch him a paper presentation related to  "Thermal power plant". For most of the mechanical engineering students with thermal power plant is one of the favorite topic. So, this is the second post on this topic and we are planning to go with more! To describe this paper, a waste heat recycling power plant, this extracts the heat energy from the environment and concentrates that heat to produce a cfc super ambient temperature heat source. So this concentrated heat is sufficient to supply a usable heat flow to a heat engine flow circuit. And over this the paper also cover more related the heat sink and more.

Sample from this heat recycling engineering project: In accordance with the present invention a waste heat recycling thermal power plant comprises a multitude of interacting volatile working fluid(s) circuits that generate a thermal potential between itself and an employable external heat source, extracting useable heat from that heat source (to replace the heat converted to mechanical energy or otherwise lost from the system), generating a super-ambient temperature heat source and a sub-ambient temperature heat sink, whose thermal potential is capable of providing a useable heat flow to fuel its incorporated heat engine, recycling collected system thermal losses and much of the useable heat flow that is rejected by its incorporated heat engine to its super-ambient temperature heat source, and the resultant mechanical power output produced by its incorporated heat engine is employed to drive a mechanical load (e.g., gearbox, electrical generator, propeller shaft, etc.).

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