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Engineering projects: Repeaterless fiber optics communication.

Fiber optics engineering project ideas.pngTitle: Repeater less branch powered fiber optic communication.
Departments: Communication, Electronics and electrical, Telecommunication.
Can be used for: Paper presentation and related study.

This is a project that falls under the subject of "FIber optics communication". this papers idea was invented by Lars Erik Eskildsen, Evan Lee Goldstein, Per Bang Hansen. The basics of this paper presentation can be stated in this manner. The title suggests that the engineering project in the fiber optics is to design a network with branches that is repeater less. This idea is to construct a fiber network, configured in the ring topology with number of hubs in the network and one or more branching its interconnected in that. the branching units are designed to add/drop the signals along the path of the network. The engineering projects on fiber optics is to reduce the loss and remove the repeaters still make that network effective with the optical amplifiers.

Sample of this fiber optics project: The specification relates to a repeaterless branch powered fiber optic communications system. The system comprises an optical fiber cable trunk, configured in ring topology, with one or more telecommunications hub, and one or more branching unit serially interconnected therein. Branching units are provided as convenient add/drop points along the extend to cable stations. Cable stations insert and extract telecommunications traffic from the trunk ring over the branch fiber optic cables. In addition, the branch fiber optic cables are also coupled to light emitting power sources. The branch fiber optic cables deliver the energy produced from these power sources to optical amplifiers serially embedded within the branch fiber optic cables, the branching units, or the optical fiber cable trunks. The optical amplifiers convert the energy delivered from the branch fiber optic cables into amplified telecommunications signals. Thus, remote pumping or energy delivery is achieved without the requirement of additional optical fiber cable runs and further, using solely passive repeaterless components.

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