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Scada projects: Network data acquisition systems

Title: Network data acquisition systems.
Mostly chosen: Electrical engineers, Electronics engineers, computer science engineers.
Topic under: Scada technology project.
Can be used as : Final year BE project / Paper presentations for events.
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This is a project for final year engineering students. Scada projects are widely accepted topic for engineering projects. we must know the basics of scada before getting in to these higher level projects. Getting in depth knowledge in Scada technology is not that easy for sure! But learning the basis of them is not a big task. The internet and google are more than enough for any engineer to learn these basics.

You can learn the  Basics of scada (Understanding the basics) here !

Ramdom samples: The system in accordance with the present invention utilizes high speed radio links to transmit data from the RTU to a communication network such as Internet, Ethernet, TCP/IP and the like. This high speed radio link, preferably spread spectrum high speed radio link, allows for transmission of several mb/s, and therefore allows for transmission of large amounts of data which can provide for substantially real-time access to profiles, buildup tests, logs and the like. The data transmitted over the high speed radio links in accordance with the present invention is also advantageously translated or formatted into a suitable communication protocol which can be any widely supported and reliable communication protocol suite as would be available to a person of skill in the art, which allows for transfer of any data type, depending upon the application. Further, multiple communication protocols are possible utilizing the system of the present invention, as are multiple master systems such as SCADA and the like. Other, or additional, unit installations and the like to which the data is to be transmitted are likewise provided with formatting units, which can be in the form of RTUs or software modules, for translating from the suitable communication protocol to a format suitable to the application or user of the data.
To talk about this project, This is an project based on the SCADA. Posted here on the request of a engineering student, studying EEE.

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