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Paper presentations: Power optimization

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An RF transceiver includes a low noise amplifier module, a blocking circuit, a down-conversion module, a processing module, an up-conversion module, and a power amplifier module. The low noise amplifier module amplifies inbound RF signals. The blocking circuit, when enabled, substantially attenuates a blocking signal and passes, substantially unattenuated, desired receive RF signals of the inbound RF signals. The down-conversion module converts the amplified inbound RF signals or the desired receive RF signals into inbound baseband or low IF signals. The processing module converts the inbound baseband or low IF signals into inbound data, converts outbound data into outbound baseband or low IF signals, determines a 

A system and method of minimizing the amount of power that is used by an optoelectronic module is disclosed. The system uses a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to maintain a case temperature of the module at about C. This allows the TEC to operate in the much more efficient heating mode, thus minimizing the amount of current being used to maintain the module temperature. The method includes the steps of determining a temperature range and operating temperature for an optoelectronic module, such that a maximum current level is not exceeded. In one exemplary embodiment, an operating temperature of about

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