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Linux Turned twenty 20

This is a tech news about linux, Linux has a proud history of 20 years, it was developed by linus torvalds during his college days ,just as an attempt to see whether he could create an kernel for his operating system( linus was unaware of his potential at that time) .
Linux proliferated throughout the world soon it was created and now linux has become an integral part of our operating system, it has seeped into almost all computers right from mainframes to smart phones. Now let us see some important milestones in the development of linux,

April 1991: Linus started his work of attempting to create a kernel for his operating system in a dark room at the University of Helsinki, where he was parallely working on a clone of UNIX called Minix.

May 1992: It was just a year after Torvalds started developing Linux, comprehensive distribution of linux took place (softlanding linux system), linux was special at that time because it incorporated TCP/IP and X windows.

July 1993: It was in this year where the first commercial linux distribution took place it was called as Slackware linux developed by Patrick Volkerding it is the oldest Linux which is available still now.

March 1994:
Linus torvalds released linux1.0 consisting of 176,250 lines of code.

April 1995:
At North Carolina state university a person called Donnie Barnes created linux expo a own trade conference for linux.

November 1998:
Lawyers of Microsoft proved that they did not have a monopoly on the os market using a box of red hat linux as evidence.

November 1999:
VA system launched “source forge” which became a leading collection of open source projects that can be created using linux and other platforms.

October 2004:
Ubuntu released by canonical (Canonical provides engineering, online and professional services to Ubuntu partners and customers worldwide) it raised the bar for the community developed linux system to focus on user experience and six months release cycle.

Jan 2007:
Several leading mobile companies like Motorola, Samsung, Vodafone etc collaborated with linux in the process of creating their smart phones, it also alerted the arrival of Google android.
November 2007:
Companies like Google, Intel, Sony, Motorola included in “Open Handset Alliance” announced their presence in preview of Android.

Oct 2008:
Linux marked its emergence in the field of main stream computing device by producing its first commercial android phone called T-Mobile G1.

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