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ATM card pins hacked with help of thermal cameras

ATM pin hacking
Using Thermal camera it is easier for criminal to meddle the ATM pins. when thermal camera are pointed towards the plastic keypad, it can read off the pin number easily due to heat from key presses. Thermal cameras provide several favor when compared to traditional cameras.It has the ability to automate pin harvesting using some computer software which simplifies the depute further.Based upon the test made by the researcher by gathering 21 volunteers,had them to examine 27 randomly selected pin numbers using both plastic pin pad and brushed metal pin pad.It is discovered that metal pin pad made the attack virtually unworkable to implement,where as it is possible in case of plastic pad,so that we can determine heat signatures not only the number pressed but also the number order. Thus all digits of the pin can be read with the success rate of 80% after 10 seconds when the person had entered the pin and it is  still over 60% 45seconds after the pin was entered.while this type of camera are costlier,the research suggests and intimated that the thieves could adopt this technique in future for stealing the ATM pins.Even though this attack has not been used wildly,it is better to secure ourself by using the ATMs with metal pin pad inorder to reduce risk factor. we think, the values we live by, and our imaginings. The new DNA language is becoming a basic mode of talking about the living world, which includes us.

The DNA language has the power and the capacity to wipe out the history of the problems we suffer and to obscure what really needs to be done to deal with them. This is not an accident. The real achievement of the new biotechnologies is that social control is so much a function of the fragmentation of living systems. What you are imagining is choice, but what is happening is control. You may have u read about pharmaceutical companies investing in the human genome project.

All the scientists have done is DNA screening of the human genome, but converting those bits of our life into DNA language becomes in effect the creation of life, and those fragments are made available by appropriation for the pharmaceutical industry, which is already starting to bid for patents and control.

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