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Paper presentations - Seminars: Brain fingerprinting

About this computer paper-presentations : (Brain fingerprinting)
Every science involves skill, judgment, or "art" on the part of its practitioners and the science of Brain Fingerprinting testing is no exception. Every forensic science provides scientific data and scientific conclusions for the use of non-scientist judges and juries, who evaluate these on a common-sense and legal basis (i.e., a basis outside the realm of science) in reaching their conclusions regarding the facts and the law of the case.

Investigators' need for accurate, scientific means of linking perpetrators with crime scene evidence has inspired some scientists to ask, "What does the criminal always take with him from the crime scene that records his involvement in the crime?" The answer to this question, of course, is the Brain. The purpose of this document is to delineate the boundaries of the science of Brain Fingerprinting, and specify what falls inside and outside those boundaries.

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