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TCS placement papers and more, a complete guide to get placed

Hello engineering students, 
Its time for getting placed! this post is for the request of Nandhini (Another regular reader of this blog).
This download consist of all the tips, profile, model question papers, mock tests, pattern, latest HCL placement papers (15+) and more.

Sample of the content
TCS is being one of the fastest growing company in the international market. the product they produce and work on is worth for every engineering student to work on in their initial career and later too. the best part of this great booming company is their pay scale. they are truly ruling the industry in INDIA too. 

Here we have collected some materials, latest question papers, placement papers, tips, quantitative aptitudes, verbal aptitudes too. For more helps and thanks let your valuable comments below.

All the best guys, please share it with your friends

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