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Paper presentation: The Internet

About this computer paper-presentations :(internet)
       The Internet is a network of networks interconnected by means of the Internet Protocol Suite. It is an architecture for a system of computer-based applications. Protocols are standard procedures, conventions and formats for inter-computer communication. The Internet protocols are based on packet switching concepts.

The Internet is a global network of intercon- nected computers, enabling users to share in- formation along multiple channels. Typically, a computer that connects to the Internet can access information from a vast array of avail- able servers and other computers by moving information from them to the computer’s loc- al memory. The same connection allows that computer to send information to servers on the network; that information is in turn ac- cessed and potentially modified by a variety of other interconnected computers. A major- ity of widely accessible information on the In- ternet consists of inter-linked hypertext docu- ments and other resources of the World Wide Web (WWW). Computer users typically man- age sent and received information with web browsers; other software for users’ interface with computer networks includes specialized programs for electronic mail, online chat, file transfer and file sharing.

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