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Radio Controlled Voice Activated Car

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Executive Summary
The RCVAC is a radio controlled, wireless, voice activated car. The car is a 1:10 scale car. The main design goal of the RCVAC will be wireless voice controls. This design will be a prototype. Other features that the RCVAC prototype will have are ultrasonic sensors, manual overrides and portability. The targeted consumers are people who enjoy playing with radio controlled cars, and handicapped persons who do not have the use of their arms. There are a couple of radio controlled, voice activated cars presently available. This product may be more expensive than existing radio controlled cars, but it will have more features that are not already available with radio controlled cars. The design of the RCVAC will integrate a speech recognition kit, a speech recognitions kit interface, a RC car kit, ultrasonic sensors, microcontrollers, RF transmitter, and logic gates into one system. The RCVAC prototype can be designed and built for a total cost of $39,120.89. The equipment that will be used in this design can be purchased for $438.82. The total labor expenses will cost $23,324.00. The design task have been broken down and distributed amongst the design team. Once the RCVAC goes into mass assembly the projected cost of the product fully assembled should be $199.99.

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