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Paper presentation AC Drives

AC induction motors are commonly used in industrial applications. The following motor discussion will center around three-phase, 460 VAC, asynchronous, induction motors. An asynchronous motor is a type of motor where the speed of the rotor is other than the speed of the rotating magnetic field. This
type of motor is illustrated. Electromagnetic stator windings are mounted in a housing. Power connections, attached to the stator windings, are brought out to be attached to a three-phase
power supply. On three-phase, dual-voltage motors nine leads are supplied for power connections. Three power connection leads are shown in the following illustration for simplicity. A rotor is mounted on a shaft and supported by bearings. On self-cooled motors, like the one shown, a fan is mounted on the shaft to force cooling air over the motor.

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Mechanical Basics .
AC Motor Construction.
Developing A Rotating Magnetic Field..
Rotor Construction .
NEMA Rotor Characteristics.
Electrical Components Of A Motor.
Voltage And Frequency .
Basic AC Drives .
MASTERDRIVE Compact, Chassis, and Cabinet Units.
Parameters and Function Blocks .
Applications .
Constant Torque Applications.
Variable Torque Applications.
Constant Horsepower Applications .
Multimotor Applications.

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